Prices & Information


My services include but are not limited to:
  • Key stage 3 maths
  • GCSE and IGCSE physics
  • GCSE and IGCSE maths
  • A level physics (including International A-level)
  • A level maths
  • undergraduate mechanical, aerospace and civil engineering

Here is a break-down of the pricing:

KS3 £30 per hour
GCSE/IGCSE £35 per hour
A-level/ IAL £45 per hour
Undergraduate £60 per hour


I'm available for tuition in person (face-to-face) in Manchester and available online pretty much anywhere in the world! There's no clear winner between face-to-face tuition and online tuition — they each have their advantages and disadvantages. Face-to-face has a special type of interactivity, where experiments can be done and examples are tangible. However, online is very efficient, and with tools such as Skype and Scribblar, online tuition can really embrace the wonders of modern technology. If you are unsure about online tuition or want to know more, please visit my page dedicated to Online Tuition.

A brief summary of my background

I'm qualified as a teacher, an engineer and a researcher, so I'm ready for anything my students can throw at me! These are my main qualifications

  • PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • PGCE in mathematics
  • MEng in aerospace engineering

In addition to the private tuition, I have teaching experience in

  • Classroom teaching ages 11-16
  • Tutoring undergraduates at the University of Manchester
  • Involvement in the Volunteer Reading Help Scheme

More information on my experience and teaching ethos is available in About Me.

You can also find out more about me via my LinkedIn page.   View Clare's profile on LinkedIn