Online Tuition

Additional advantages are

  • Having a lesson in the comfort of your own home . . . or wherever you want
  • Safer during the cold and flu season
  • No paper piles
  • Easy to back up and share work

You don't need anything special — just an internet connection and a Skype account. I use a virtual classroom called Scribblar, but your don't need your own account. I send you the link to your own personal classroom and you sign in. Easy! Scribblar is great because it can be used just as a simple whiteboard to draw and write on but it can also do a lot more. See the video below for an introduction to Scribblar. *Apologies for the poor audio on this video, I wanted it to be "raw," so I was using the audio with the screen capture software — maybe not the best decision.*


Don't let technology run your life, make it work for you! Camera phones now have fantastic resolution, so if you're stuck on some questions, just take a photo and send it to me via email or WhatsApp. No messing around.

If you have any comments or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me via the contact form or directly to clare@clareturnertutoring. Constructive feedback makes things better for everyone.