Some students and parents have been kind enough to share how my tutoring has helped.

Clare has been great for my 15 year old daughter who isn’t the biggest fan of maths. When we started she was begging to move down a class at school as she was struggling and felt she didn’t understand any of it. Within a few weeks she understood some of the basics she’d missed in class which really helped. Since she has been with Clare her confidence and exam grades have increased significantly.
I would definitely recommend her...


Clare taught my son after he'd had a disappointing AS result in Physics. On the paper he messed up on he achieved 100% in the resit after she had tutored him. Clare was well organised and able to present complex ideas in a way which made them clear. She is also a qualified teacher as well as holding impressive qualifications in Science. I would recommend her without reservation.


I would really recommend Clare as a tutor. She is very professional, has excellent subject and curriculum knowledge and is patient and calm. My daughter needed help regarding the new 9-1 grading for GCSE’s and with Clare’s excellent tutoring gained a 9 – wonderful.

E. Avison

As a parent, I could not be happier with Clare's private tuition. Clare is absolutely brilliant. In just over a year she has got my daughter from a grade B in maths to a gifted and talented set. That takes not only extraordinary teaching skills but commitment and powerful knowledge about learning and motivation. There is no doubt in our minds that we want to stay with her for years to come. This is a testament of a very impressed mother.

V. Ninkovic

Clare is a very experience tutor and her lessons are lively. She provides the homework for the student and check it every next lesson, particularly for a Chinese student whose first language is not English.
I am grateful for her and also highly recommend her to everyone!

S. Zhang

My children, Trent and Natasha, have been attending Clare's Tutorials for the past 12 months. My daughter was struggling with maths and dreaded school lessons. Clare's teaching approach has enabled Natasha to embrace maths and science to the point where she loves both subjects and has achieved 98% in her SATs this year . Natasha is now looking forward to secondary school in September and is even considering Business studies.

My son was not struggling but needed to know how bright he was and needed his confidence built. Clare understood what I needed as a parent and has given Trent a huge understanding of maths and making him realise his capabilities .He has achieved an outstanding 8c end of year assessment making him joint 2nd in his year. His dream is to study engineering at degree level and preferably in Germany. I am sure with Clare's guidance and teaching he will achieve his dream. Clare is not only a great aspiring teacher to my children but she is also a great friend too. My children look forward to her lessons and feel totally relaxed as Clare has a great quality of being able to communicate on an individual child's level.

To sum things up, Clare has been an amazing inspiration and a huge confidence boost for my children and I can highly recommend her as a tutor.

Thank you, Clare.

C. Watson

Working in a school myself, I know the value of good teaching and finding ways for individual children to access and understand new concepts, ideas, calculations etc. Clare's ability as a teacher and the visually interactive facilities she's included in her lessons have been a great help to my daughter. She has been able to understand numbers and various operations/equations where before she struggled.

C. Smith

Student Testimonials


Clare is an excellent tutor who has helped me with my studies. She is not only very knowledgeable but is an excellent teacher. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone in need of a tutor.

J. Ollerhead, Postgraduate at the University of Liverpool

Clare puts in a lot of work outside of our sessions to get prepared so that the sessions are as productive as possible.

C. Warren

I was struggling to find a tutor that could help me with the American SAT exam, then I came across Clare who was more than happy to go through everything with me and convert; the material into a way I would understand. I took the information on a lot easier with her help and would not have been able to achieve the score I needed to get me into the college I wanted to go to without her help. She has extensive knowledge throughout maths and is a great person to get along with I fully recommend her tutoring.

G. Saxon

I first went to Clare during my GCSE year after struggling to grasp some of the content of the course. I found I picked it up easily under her tuition and have found over the past year or so her teaching style to be engaging and interesting. It certainly helped me achieve my A*!

J. Wynn, currently studying at Oxford University

I was struggling with the maths in my Aerospace Engineering degree. However, after Clare's tuition I managed to get 97% on my maths exam.

P. Kolodziejczak, Universtity of Manchester graduate

Recommendations from Former Colleagues

Here are some recommendations given to me via LinkedIn:

Me and Clare were together at University of Manchester while I was pursuing my PhD back in 2007-08. Clare is a hard working individual who devotes herself to achieve objectives in a befitting manners. She had tutoring experience before her PhD and I am glad to see that she has adopted the sacred profession of teaching/tutoring after attaining PhD degree. Together with her experience and highest academic qualification I can say with full confidence that she is a creative and extremely knowledgeable tutor.

S.R. Quereshi, Asst. Professor at NUST

Clare is an incredibly hard worker and very knowledgeable in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence modelling and Aerodynamics. It is clear from her work that Clare is both creative and capable. During our Ph.D. studies she was also very supportive and eager to help others.

U. Ahmed, Post Doctorate Research Associate at the University of Manchester

I've known Clare since my first days in my PHD study at the University of Manchester. She is a creative researcher in her PhD project, and a hard working under pressure. Further, I have worked with Clare [as a] teaching assistant for undergraduate students and she of was able to demonstrate a high level of teaching in labs. I would defiantly recommend her for as CFD expert and a teacher in academia.

M. Assad, Research Associate at the University of Manchester